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Parenting University is 501c3 organization whose mission is to Educate and Empower parents and their families.


Parenting University was created to provide the needed support, tools, and resources to parents so that families can be productive in their communities and have a positive affect on future generations.

Parenting University offers effective parenting tools such as:  

  • Parent Coaching

  • Education classes

  • Workshops

  • Empowerment groups

These tools focus and support the growth and development of children through the family structure.  They also support and assist parents in preparing their children to thrive in all communities but especially the one in which they live.


Parenting University has blessed me in ways I can't imagine.  I got a chance to talk about things that I would shy away from.  I learned how to become a woman that I could one day be proud of.  Mrs. Clark helped me to understand that we all have something to give to the world and it's our job to help one another.  Mrs. Clark wants parents to have hope, faith, love, and a healthy relationship with their children. 

Erika Kendall

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